Bigleaf Maple top Edison with the beautiful Carolina Alanis

Introducing the Edison

From its earliest origins —in my drawing journals from as far back as 2001 —to the first prototype in 2011, the Edison concept has been a steady companion throughout the entirety of my early development as a luthier. You have to be a musical bozo to miss the Beatles reference in the name, and that homage was really the catalyst for branding my guitars as Maxwells in the first place —be on the lookout for a special edition in Silver leaf called the Silverhammer!

I’m still earning my wings as a professional craftsman, so my intent at this point is to charge an extremely modest base price (modest for the world of custom guitars, of course) for the guitar itself —options such as exotic wood substitues, fancy hardware, Design Modifications and custom inlays, case, etc. will cost more.

Edison with Blackheart Sassafras top

I’m really happy with the Golden Age Overwound Humbuckers I've been using. These are really crisp and powerful pickups and at an extremely affordable price! The next few I build will likely each feature a different pickup configuration &I'm thinking a P-90 build and a trio of singles in addition to another dual-humbucker set up.

Overall, the guitar feels and plays a lot like a Les Paul. The weight is a little on the lighter side (which can hardly be a shortcoming unless you’re using your guitar to do squats), but the neck and ebony fingerboard feel solid and smooth underhand.

Now, is that not the sexiest inline headstock you've ever seen?

I'm eager to play with this design if there's a detail that could be changed to make the overall design more attractive to you —A number of people have expressed that the hard angular lines of the soundholes are unattractive to them, or they are not sure about the eccentric flourishes on the Maxwell headstock designs. Be assured that these are all elements that can be swapped out for more traditional or conservative aesthetics in the interest of scratching your particular visual itch.


On the Bench:

Currently I'm wrapping up woodwork on 4 new models —the Hellion & the Hellacaster, the Valkyrie and the Lurker.

Hellion and Hellacaster

The Hellion and the Hellacaster are each based on a similar body profile, but with style and components modeled after an SG (Hellion) with high-output humbuckers and a Telecaster (Hellacaster), with a Twangy bridge pickup and p90 style neck position pickup. The Hellacaster will feature dyed curly maple pickguards and binding on an opaque black nitro finish, while the Hellion will be Black with Padauk detail.


the Valkyrie is a V-style guitar, in this case featuring a striking arrangement of alder, Padauk, Kingwood and just a little bit of Black Walnut, with a Honduran Rosewood Fingerboard, bound in Padauk. I've mounted the 5-way switch into the lower slope of the guitar —I'm excited to see whether it's as convenient during play as I'm anticipating it will!

Lurker Bass

The Lurker is a 5-string Bass modeled loosely on a Ventures-style Mosrite Bass. This one will feature EMG 40HZ pickups and a Hipshot Tremolo Bridge, with dyed curly maple pickguard and binding on an opaque black nitro finish.